Kyo Shimizu -Music Composer-
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Boston Collection


Summer 2017, Not for Individual Release*

Sonata for Viola and Piano
01 I. Adagio
02 II. Allegro
03 III. Grave

Suite for Viola and Cello
"Tales of a Northern Raft"
04 I. Ottoman Empire
05 II. Holy Roman Empire
06 III. Persian Empire
07 IV. Mughal Empire
08 V. Qing Empire

Sonata for Piano
09 I. Vivace
10 II. Mysterioso
11 III. Scherzando
Sonata for Flute and Piano
12 I. Jellyfish
13 II. Swordfish
14 III. Anglerfish
15 IV. Starfish

* This CD was not manufactured for commercial purpose, so they will not be for sale. This CDs will be distributed for musicians who study or perform these works. Shipping will be charged depending on the destination.