Kyo Shimizu -Music Composer-
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List of Works

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by Opus Number


Sonata for Viola and Piano
  I. Adagio
  II. Allegro
  III. Grave
Op.2 Sonata for Flute and Piano
  I. Jellyfish
  II. Swordfish
  III. Anglerfish
  IV. Starfish
Op.3 Suite for Viola and Cello
  "Tales of a Northern Raft"
  I. Ottoman Empire
  II. Holy Roman Empire
  III. Persian Empire
  IV. Mughal Empire
  V. Qing Empire
Op.4 The Fall of the Minowa Castle
Symphonic Poem
Op.5 String Quartet
  I. Andante
  II. Adagio
  III. Minuet
  IV. Allegro
Op.6 Sonata for Piano
  I. Vivace
  II. Mysterioso
  III. Scherzando
Op.7 Etudes for Cello
Op.8 Sonata for Violin and Piano
Op.9 Trio for Flute, clarinet and Cello
  I. Mysterioso
  II. Agitato
  III. Tranquillo
Op.10 Fading Inscription
  for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello,and Percussion
Op.11 I felt a Funeral, in my Brain
  for Soprano and Piano, lyrics by Emily Dickinson
Op.12 Evocation
  for Chamber Orchestra
Op.13 Bioluminescence
  for Guitar and Tape
  I. Noctiluca
  II. Lampyridae