Kyo Shimizu -Music Composer-
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Sonata for Viola and Piano
  I. Adagio / II. Allegro / III. Grave
Op.2 Sonata for Flute and Piano
  I. Jellyfish / II. Swordfish / III. Anglerfish / IV. Starfish
Op.3 Suite for Viola and Cello
  "Tales of a Northern Raft"
  I. Ottoman Empire / II. Holy Roman Empire /
III. Persian Empire / IV. Mughal Empire / V. Qing Empire
Op.5 String Quartet
  I. Andante / II. Adagio / III. Minuet / IV. Allegro
Op.6 Sonata for Piano
  I. Vivace
  II. Mysterioso
  III. Scherzando
Op.9 Trio for Flute, clarinet and Cello
  I. Mysterioso
  II. Agitato
  III. Tranquillo
Op.10 Fading Inscription- excerpt
  for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Cello,and Percussion
Op.11 I felt a Funeral, in my Brain
  for Soprano and Piano, lyrics by Emily Dickinson
Op.12 Evocation- excerpt
  for Chamber Orchestra